About Clockwork
The twelve short comics in Clockwork, Vol. 1 defy genre lines, taking you on a journey from the Old West to outer space, from death row to a child’s home. Writer Paul Allor is joined by some of today’s most exciting artists, including JM Ken Niimura, Brett Weldele and Nikki Cook, in a book that combines dynamic storytelling and true heart.

About Gov’t Comics
Gov’t Comics is the self-publishing imprint of comic-book writer Paul Allor. It was founded in the Fall of 2010, and Clockwork is its first release.

About Paul Allor
Paul Allor is a comic-book writer and the founder of Gov’t Comics. Additionally, he is on the staff at Andy Schmidt’s Comics Experience, and is a member of The Brutal Circle writer’s group. You can reach him at Paul@govtcomics.com or follow in on Twiter at@PaulAllor.