Welcome to Clockwork, Volume 1.

The twelve short comics contained here defy genre lines, taking you on a journey from the Old West to outer space, from death row to a child’s home.

If you’d like to contact us, please write to paul@govtcomics.com or leave a comment. To purchase Clockwork, please visit the Clock Shop.


All Stories written by Paul Allor

Art by:
Nikki Cook – The Things I See
Silvio dB – The End of This Story
Ben Dewey – Another Life
Ken Frederick — Skull Buzz
Jesse Hamm – Cage Around My Heart
Aaron Houston – X-Row
JM Ken Niimura – Warlord
Leandro Panganiban – The Day I Go Home
Borch Penya – Plutoville
Carl Peterson – The Hottest Part of Winter
Juan Romera – Reach the Sun
Brett Weldele – Mercy Kill

Cover Pencils/Inks: Aaron Houston
Cover Colors: Matthew Wilson